A Palin in My A**

When I think of this blog I invariably get an image of a trip that has taken me around the world and back again. We have trudged through snow, sailed over the oceans and hiked through mountain and desert terrain. The Dead were right, “What a Long Strange Trip It Has Been.”

Through the course of the journey I have shared my thoughts on many topics and have done so without regard for whether it was the popular view. Sometimes I have opened my mouth and confirmed for someone my ignorance/brilliance, but that has never been a factor in determining what to write about.

I have a Palin in my ass. I know that is a bit disrespectful, but I like the way it sounds and as I am feeling grumpy, I don’t care. The woman and her Kool-Aid drinkers are wearing on me the same way that the Obama crowd has. I am not going to rehash everything from the first post, if you want to know more read here. But I’ll share a few more thoughts about what I find distasteful.

There is a list of books that supposedly Palin tried to ban. I haven’t found proof that she went after the long list, but I have found a few places that suggest that she did try to ban some. To me that is a shameful thing, evidence of a very small mind. I have a huge issue with that.

She has a pregnant teenage daughter and a baby with special needs. Now is not the time to leave them. It is not a matter of financial need. In this situation I have no problem saying she should put her family first. Call me sexist, I don’t care. Go get me a beer, iron my shirt and make my dinner.

The woman has no substantive economic or foreign policy experience. That is an issue. We are at war in two different countries and have major economic issues. My retirement dollars are getting their butts kicked. I am going to be 40. I don’t have 40 years to wait for them to recover. Sorry, selfish me wants to retire before I become an invalid.

And listening to the crowing of her supporters is just irritating. She is not the first or second coming. I am not lighting a cigarette. I didn’t accept it with Obama and I don’t here.

It is bad enough to have had to listen to the shrieks and finger pointing of both sides the last eight years, but this is too much. I have had enough!

All I want is to feel good about a candidate and their running mate. I know the feeling because I have had it in the past, but not this time and not the last time around. Excuse me, I think that my skull just exploded, I need some ice.

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