Chumus, Chummus, Humus, Hummus

Some words lend themselves to being spelled easily and others are not so easy. Did I mention that the sole purpose of this post is to see if we can knock Benji’s post down lower in the Google search results.

That’s the problem with being competitive, sometimes you get caught up in the narishkeit and get involved all sort of silliness. For example if you type driving an ice cream truck into Google you’ll find that our buddy Jameel comes up as the second entry. The first is the aptly named How to Drive an Ice Cream Truck, which is exactly as it sounds, directions on how to drive an ice cream truck.

Now for those who are curious I spent a few minutes reviewing these directions and found them to be lacking. Even worse, they certainly didn’t mirror the behavior of the drivers of my youth. Those guys were cranky old men who used to wait for us to get close to the truck, only to gun the engine. And since we were young, stupid and in the midst of an ice cream frenzy we’d chase them for miles.

We always caught up to them, eventually, and then through the huffing and puffing make our wishes known to them.

As long as we are discussing search terms, type in gun slinging chef and see whose blog leads the pack.

Speaking of search terms let’s give you a look at posts from The Shack that came up as a result of search terms:

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