His Ass Burst Right Into Flames

My buddy Attila is responsible for this post as he found the story of the incinerating toilet. Now before we get too far up the creak without our paddle let me say that the title of the post is intentionally inflammatory.

But I just can’t help myself. In fact if I didn’t engage in the occasional attempt at scatalogical humor I’d have to raise a bit of a stink. Anyhoo, let’s take a closer look.

“ECOJOHNâ„¢ Sr is a waterless self-contained toilet that incinerates the waste into a sterile ash that needs to be emptied only a few times per year. Installing the Sr is also very easy. Simply connect the chimney system (than comes with the purchase), hook up the Propane and power connection, and the toilet is ready to use.”

I am still laughing. It reminds me of a small variation on the old exploding cigar trick.I’ll let you use your imagination as to what that picture might look like. 😉

Sorry, I am sure that the product works exceptionally well, but I am a bit paranoid about a toilet that uses propane. The term flagrante delicto comes to mind, although it is probably not exactly the one I am looking for.

There is just something about getting caught with my pants down around my ankles while astride a potty that might pop. Talk about a need for no smoking in the bathroom. Oy!

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