A Digital Photo Disaster

Folks I am in the middle of a Digital Photo Disaster. Some of you are probably wondering what a Digital Photo Disaster is. Well you are in luck because I am going to tell you.

A Digital Photo Disaster is the term you give yourself when you somehow lose the 4 gigabyte memory card upon which you have stored hundreds of photos that you can never replace. Yep, I seem to have misplaced the card and can’t figure out where the hell that sucker is.

Now if there is any good news involved in this it is that I had transferred a portion of the photos to my computer, not to mention that I have access to photos taken by other family members. But it still irks me to no end to not know where that card is.

What the hell happened to it. Is there a photo gremlin wandering around my home. Was it homesick for Kansas. Did it click its heels and find itself magically transported home.

It almost sounds like the premise for a movie. Memory stick is inadvertently separated from his camera and family. Lost stick wanders aimlessly around town looking for help. Along the way the poor little card has amazing adventures, all of which are transcribed on the card.

Come home little card, all is forgiven.

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