How Stupid Is Sarah Palin

This post has next to nothing to do with Sarah Palin although I can guarantee that it is going to drive a ton of traffic here. Years ago I put up a post in which I mentioned naked pictures of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Not a week goes by in which visitors arrive having searched for those very things.

I do need to mention that I think that it is a mistake to try and disqualify Palin based upon her intelligence. I certainly question how much she has, but that is not the way to discredit her for office. The best and smartest method is to point out what her shortcomings are on substantive issues such as her inexperience in key areas like foreign policy and economics.

Calling her stupid doesn’t address the core reasons why she shouldn’t be a part of the ticket and makes it far too easy for people to dismiss your argument.

Speaking of keywords let’s take a look at what terms have driven people here:

Duggar Family
feel like a fool being in love
baal teshuva
what does drowning feel like?
divorce him and come to me
the sins of the father are visited upon the son
life without regrets
hardboiled eggs will not peel
Mansions of the Lord
how do you come up with slogan
crying tears then it hit me
counseling doesn’t work
does religion make a better marriage
rekindled loves
intolerant woman
toledosucks Mike
who do you ask for after you dial 8675309
do guys have standards for one night stands
Someone beating up Goofy
do jews believe in oral sex?
I love Jack
how to be a father
what to call your blog
how to blog
how to make money blogging

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