Politics and Polite Conversation

Many times I have heard people talk about what they consider polite conversation should be, or should I say they have opined about what you shouldn’t discuss. Typically those dangerous topics are politics, religion and money.

I suppose that I should admit that from time to time I have been accused of being someone who likes to stir the pot, a rabble rouser and trouble maker. I’d say maverick but Palin the tool has tried to obfuscate the real meaning of that word and I may be forced to choose a new term. Oops, didn’t mean to call her a tool, stupid, ignorant, redneck, vindictive, dangerous or anything else that isn’t completely laudatory of her tremendous abilities.

On a serious note there is some truth to the claim that I stir things up. It is fair to say that this has happened from time to time. But it is also fair to say that I am interested in hearing opposing perspectives. I don’t subscribe to a school of thought that says that I can only read or listen to things that agree with my perspective on life.

I can only speak for myself, it is rare that I find myself getting really heated up about political differences with others. It is no secret that in the coming election I feel that we have two choices, bad and worse. Given the choice I’d gladly elect someone other than our current choices, but that is not an option and neither is not voting.

When the dust settles and we find ourselves with a new president I have a couple of wishes. First that whomever is elected exceeds my expectations and second that the country pulls together and works together for our collective good.

Far too often fear and insecurity drive our responses and reactions. Some of my friends have been irate about this election. I have been told that my vote is going to wreck the country and that it is going to save the country. Funny how there seems to be no middle ground.

More on this later.

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