She Told Me That She is "In Hell"

The dark haired beauty is just a bit past four years-old but sometimes the words, expressions, gestures she uses make me wonder if she is really just a short teenager. Earlier this week I asked her what she thought of school and was quite surprised by her answer.

She looked up at me, dark curls cascading down her face and said “I don’t like it.” I asked her to tell me what she doesn’t like and in response received a deep sigh and a look that made it clear that dad doesn’t get it.

So I looked at her and said that I can’t help her unless she tells me what is really happening. I need specifics.

“Abba, I am in hell.”

I paused and did a bit of a double take. Did this little girl really just say she is in hell. Did my daughter really just say that.

“What do you mean you’re in hell?” She gave me another one of those looks and responded.

“Abba, you know what that means. Don’t tease me.”

I shook my head and said that I wasn’t teasing and told her that I wanted to understand. As I said this I picked her up and looked inquisitively into her eyes and asked her to explain what she meant.

“Abba, it means that I am in hell.”

I am not sure where she got that expression but she thought that it was a kind of throwaway response. Kind of like when someone asks you how you feel and you respond “fine.” We spent some more time speaking and I got a better feel for things. She still likes school, so I felt better.

You just never know what is going to come out of their mouths.

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