I Want More Than Just a Job

Little Jack and I spend hours talking about life. He is interested in virtually everything that goes on and since I am still his hero he wants to know everything about me. I really enjoy these conversations and am taking advantage of the opportunity to have them. Time will come where he’ll stop wanting to spend all day with me.

Lately he has been very curious about what life is like in the working world. He wants to know why I spend so much time working on the computer and if I like it. For that matter everyone seems to want to know how I can spend so many hours at the computer. When adults ask me I usually just say it is how I pay the bills. It is the truth so it rolls off the tongue quite naturally.

But like so many others I am not always overly infatuated with the things that I have to do to pay the bills. There are days where it is a bit harder to get out of bed because I know what is waiting for me. There are days when I shake my head and wonder if I haven’t undergone my own Metamorphosis. I wouldn’t claim to be Gregor Samsa, I haven’t become a giant bug. But there are moments where I wonder if I am anything more than a hamster on a big wheel.

So I make sure to tell Little Jack that one of the hardest things to do is find a way to pay the bills that involves something you love. It may be among the hardest, but it is also among the most important. If you can find something that is more than just a job you have something special. Truth is that I don’t have too many friends who can say that. There are a few. I know several people who roll out of bed ready to attack the day because they love their work.

It is a pleasure seeing that. If you love what you do you are more likely to do it well consistently. That is not to say that you cannot hate your work and be good at your profession, you certainly can. But the reality is that if you love it or at least really enjoy it there is a better chance of doing things really well.

Since most of us are going to spend countless hours working to make a buck you might as well like what you are doing. We work too hard not to get some pleasure out of the grind.

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