Odds and Ends

After spending most of the past two days focused upon politics I need to spend a bit of time decompressing. So this post is going to be nothing more than odds and ends about this and that.

The 17 long time readers know that I find the holiday season to be tedious. But I have to admit that this time of year I do appreciate the fine food that I seem to stumble and trip over everywhere I go. The only problem is that my metabolism seems to have gone on vacation. The pants are a hair too tight and my shirts, well they could fit better too.

So from a man who hates making resolutions here is one that I will live up to. I am going to move into the gym. Actually I made a decision a while back to get more serious about lifting again and I followed through on that. I have a standing date with my weightset and have been good about living up to my obligations there.

In addition I have been good about using my perfect pushups and have been reaping the rewards. However, I have noticed that age is impacting my workout in ways that it never used to. I seem to have lost a bit of my elasticity in my shoulders and joints. I notice creaking and aches that never used to show up come by and visit me far too often.

We picked up a Wii as a Chanukah gift for the children. I picked up Guitar Hero for me. It has been surprisingly fun and a good distraction at time. I am not very good at it yet, but I am making progress on the easy level.

A while back I blogged about having my own theme song. I still like the idea. I think that I might revisit the topic. See you in the next post.

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