I need to work this into Fragments of Fiction.

There is one hell of a post tied into that simple word, karma. There is one hell of a long story that I could tell that would tie in perfectly to that word, karma. It would be ever so sweet to share the story that is flowing inside the melon on my shoulders.

It would be so much fun to say those simple words, “I told you so” and then follow it up with a snappy “Karma is a bitch.” It would be more fun than I can express to gloat a bit and say that misery loves company but you already were a miserable son-of-a-bitch so you know it better than I do.

But while at times I have been miserable I am not miserable now. No sir, no maam, no way, no how. I am positively gleeful because I was proven right. I know, I said that I wouldn’t gloat. I said that I wouldn’t lord it over you triumphantly because I am better than that but, heck it feels so damn good.

Because you stupid son-of-a-bitch you made my life far more difficult than it had to be. Far too many insecurities covered up by acting like a prick. I know, it is easier to be nasty and try to hide the shame and the fear that someone might realize that you are a fraud.

If we had this conversation in person you’d never admit to any of this and if anything you’d say that this short monologue is proof that you won. But the thing is that until I got that phone call I had forgotten about you.

But that phone call and the message let me know that you haven’t forgotten about me. I have been living rent free inside your head. Apparently I helped to fill that empty spot that your soul should have occupied.

I must admit that I am trying to dredge up a bit of compassion for you because that is the right thing to do. But your antics have made it a bit difficult for me to wish to do anything more than drop your pathetic hide into the closest cesspool.

Anyway, I have to run but remember that it was me who asked you to reconsider your actions. It was me who gave you the opportunity not to paint yourself into a corner. You refused so now you get to live with it.

Get used to being lonely because karma is a bitch.

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