Hannah Montana Movie

The dark haired beauty wants to see the Hannah Montana movie as soon as possible. As a little sister she knows that she is obligated to do her best to aggravate her older brother as frequently as possible. She accomplishes this by telling him that their father, me, has agreed to take them both to go see it.

What she does not tell him is that although I have agreed that she can see the movie, I haven’t said one word about when we’ll see it. Seconds after her announcement he comes flying into my room to express his disapproval, displeasure and disappointment with this.

“Dad, you know that I hate Hannah Montana. Why would you make me see it.”

I look at him and ask him if he really thinks that I am going to take him to see the movie. Would I really waste money on a ticket for a movie I know that he won’t like.

He nods his head at me and I can see that he is lost in thought. A moment later he looks at me and says, “Dad, I think that you aren’t telling me something.”

I look at him and ask him what he means.

“Dad, girls are really annoying. They must really be good at something for you to you have put up with them as long as you have.”

I think that one day I am going to have to revisit this conversation with him, but for now we’ll let it sit.

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