Good Intentions: What The Hell Were They Thinking

I’ll give this company the benefit of the doubt and say that I am sure that they were trying to do the right thing, but as a parent I am greatly troubled by it. But sex toy and children should never be said in the same sentence.

Look at that picture and tell me that there isn’t something wrong with this campaign.
Here is a quick excerpt from the press release: shakes up the adult novelty industry with its Buy a Sex toy, save a child Charity Program.

“The Buy a Sex toy, save a child Charity Program is our commitment to society. We’ve always known that a sustainable business needs the support of healthy communities and a high quality environment. We aim to be the most trusted retailer wherever we trade by demonstrating a clear sense of social responsibility. ” said Jessica Blake, Sinless Touch Vice President of Corporate Communications.

Social responsibilty is great, but this is poorly executed. It needs to be revamped and fixed ASAP.

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