Twitter’s Impact on Blogging

About a month ago I ran Tweeting About Twitter- One Blogger Speaks and shared some thoughts about Tweeting and asked for feedback about its impact upon blogging.

In the time since then I have conducted an imperfect, impartial and completely unscientific study in which it has been determined that Twitter has had a severe impact upon blogging and here is how.

Prior to Twitter many bloggers would have spent time writing posts about topics and issues that are important or of interest to them. However, the ease of being able to communicate with 140 characters has led many of them to abandon those posts. Instead of 500 words about why they like eating chocolate we are left with just a line or two.

In some cases this is a boon to the reader because it falls into the category of less is more. But in other cases it really isn’t such a good thing as they are taking the fast and easy way out of producing a larger and more comprehensive post.

The owners of the Shack are going to continue to use Twitter and will continue to blog. But we are going to make an effort to try to continue to bring you the same 1,000 word posts you have come to rely upon. With any luck LeBron and Kobe will meet in the finals and you’ll see a resumption of the cleveland bashing you have come to know and love.

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