Blogging While Angry

I am a repeat offender of BWI, Blogging while Angry. I don’t offer excuses but reasons for this. BWI has more times than not been the thing that allowed me to blow off enough steam I didn’t say or do something really stupid.

That is not to say that BWI has prevented me from doing so because it hasn’t. On more than one occasion BWI has been responsible for getting me into trouble. But as they say if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

Boy I love played out cliches.

Ultimately BWI offers more advantages and benefits than several alternatives so I tend to select this as my drug of choice.

Times like this make me wonder what would happen if I had a billion dollars in the bank. What would I do if I had so much cash in the drawer that I didn’t have to worry about working ever again. Would I be the eccentric rich guy who does and says as he pleases.

I might. Can’t say that it is a complete impossibility. As it is I don’t completely censor myself. There are moments where I rear back my head and roar. There are moments when I let loose the beast and bellow.

The heavy bag that lives in my garage is always ready to accept the beating that I deliver. It is great exercise and a great release.

But when it comes to BWI, it is a different story. When it comes to BWI and I decide to take off the gloves I readily admit to enjoying that sort of release as well. There is something pleasant in being unpleasant.

Perhaps I shouldn’t say that, but then again the rules of the blog dictate that we issue honesty. And the truth is that sometimes I like telling you that you are an ignorant prick who is in need of servicing by an animal that chews while it eats.

The pacifists among the crowd, sorry Bill, might not appreciate this, but a severe ass kicking might help to provide the needed attitude adjustment. I can’t promise that it would work, but I can promise that there is a long line of people interested in applying for the job.

If nothing else they’d be happy to lock you in a cage full of rabid monkeys.

Good old BWI, my loyal and trusted friend, where would I be without you. And now that I have spent the past five minutes expressing my lack of satisfaction you may return to your previously scheduled programming.

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