You Should Have Been Here

One more post before boarding. This is for Fragments of Fiction, just another story I have created.

It was much harder than I had anticipated it to be. The trip that is. I spent the whole time there as an outsider looking in.

Can’t say that I really mind being the outsider. Been doing it all my life, feels natural. Most of the time it is a comfortable fit, but not this time.

Tight patent leather wing tips clicked and clacked across the dance floor, but none were mine. They stayed on the side and watched the world around them.

This should have been the time to walk in with you on my arm.

The perfect time to glare at the men trying to check you out, while secretly smiling. The chance to step out from the worlds we live in and enjoy something special and different.

But you weren’t there and I was alone.

Who knew that your absence would be so palpable. Who knew that it would feel so shocking, like jumping into icy water.

Except that stinging sensation didn’t completely disappear because I never completely adjusted. Once we laughed and cried together. We told each other that “you’re my air”. Now my air is gone and I am choking.

But tomorrow is a new day and with it a fresh start. I am looking forward to it because you never know what the day can bring. I am happy, but I miss you terribly. Just thought that you’d should know.

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