The Hypocrisy of Charitable Giving During the Holiday Season

I have never understood why some people push the idea that one time of year is better than another for donating time or money to a particular cause. It seems to me that if the cause merits your support than it shouldn’t matter whether it is April, May or December.

If they do good work and they help people than you should support them year round. Now maybe you can’t donate your money or time year round, but that is not really the point. It is all about giving back when you can and not limiting it solely to a season.

It is part of why I dislike the holiday season. It feels a bit like they are trying to cover up the crass commercialization with a two dollar donation to the United Way. Just doesn’t feel right to me.

I talk to my kids about giving back. It is good to remind them that they lead a very nice life. They don’t really understand just how privileged they are. They don’t know what it means to go hungry or to not have a home. I am very grateful that they don’t know these things.

And I don’t think that they have to experience it to understand it either.

But I do think that they need to learn what it means to give back. They need to learn that it is not always about giving a check, that sometimes giving your time is more valuable than money.

It is an ongoing discussion here.

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