A Bathroom Ambassador

Alright Charmin, my dysfunctional digestive system and I will give you some free publicity.You offered some decent cash to serve as a bathroom ambassador. I even considered applying, but I am a warm weather guy and the moola wasn’t quite enough to gain my interest, came close but….

Today, Charmin, America’s favorite toilet paper brand, launches a national job search to find five outgoing and enthusiastic people to work in New York City’s Times Square Charmin Restrooms this holiday season for a salary of $10,000 each! The five chosen “Charmin Ambassadors” will interact with hundreds of thousands of restroom guests, while getting paid to revel in their own “love of the loo.” This isn’t your ordinary 9 AM – 5 PM job, and Charmin only asks that candidates should enjoy going to the bathroom so much – whether it be to catch up on reading or just enjoy some “me time” – they never want to leave.

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