How Twitter Has Impacted My Blogging Part II

Thirty days ago I wrote How Twitter Has Impacted My Blogging.  At the time I didn’t have any metrics to use to measure its impact upon my blog. And a month later I still don’t have raw data that I can crunch and massage and that’s ok.

I’m the client and I am perfectly fine with the research methodology I conducted for this exercise. All I wanted to do was gain a better understanding of the practical uses of Twitter as they apply to me. Here is what I learned/confirmed.

My blog has always been used as a place for me to explore thoughts/feelings, write stories and share links that I think are interesting. Since making Twitter part of my daily routine I am less likely to put together short posts about some of the wacky stuff I find.

That’s not say that those posts have been eliminated, they just occur less frequently than they did. Instead I tend to share that kind of stuff on Twitter.

There is a direct correlation between traffic here and Twitter. Since I became more active there I have seen an increase in the number of unique users that come by. This does not include former employers who stalk me here (yes, I see you in my stats) or assorted other sundry characters.

At the moment I have more than 1,100 followers. That number grows daily. I am curious to see what happens in six months. I expect that the growth in readers will continue, but we’ll confirm that down the road.

On a side not since I monetized my Twitter stream I have noticed a steady flow of income. It is not enough to write home about but if it follows the same curve as followers and blog traffic it should cover my coffee and that is worth something to me.

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