A Story About My New Business

A thousand years or so ago The Shmata Queen looked at me and asked if I ever hold still. She had happened upon me while I was fully engrossed in a telephone call and was pacing around the room. One hand clutched the phone to my ear while the other one flew back and forth in a series of unseen hand gestures.

Her question made me laugh. I have three speeds- sleeping, overdrive and hyperdrive.  Ask my mother to tell you what I was like as a small child and she’ll tell you that I used to wear her and everyone else out.I was busy. A little man in motion.

Now I am a much bigger man, but still in motion. My mind is constantly working on thoughts and ideas about a million different things. I suppose that is part of why you find so many different posts here about so many different topics. I find life to be exceptionally interesting.

Take a walk with me and I’ll tell you some more.


May you live in interesting times is supposed to be the translation of an ancient Chinese curse. Personally I prefer the ancient Yiddish curse which reads something like this: “May all your teeth fall out except one, so that you can have a toothache.

The boys and I have been commiserating about our various challenges and how none of us expected to be facing some of the conundrums that life has slapped us with. It is easy to grow frustrated and angry. Much of it is unfair and not of our doing.

So what. Life doesn’t care. It just keeps moving. A long time ago I decided that I didn’t want to place my destiny in the hands of others and set about taking steps to rectify that. It is a process but things are moving forward with it.

This past Saturday night I came up with another piece of the puzzle. I have an idea for a business that really excites me. It is something that has incredible potential. I like it because it is a simple concept. It doesn’t require a degree in engineering to understand and it is scalable.

Oh the scalability has me downright giddy. This can be very small or quite large. But I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. We start with baby steps.

So I am in the process of constructing an outline for it. We’re building a little road map that we hope will lead to success. This might not lead anywhere. This might be nothing more than a dream. But my fragile male ego says that the difference between me and the other guy is that I try to live my dreams.

That busy little boy still lives inside. He still thinks that he can fly. So my job now is to help him find his wings.

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