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Monday, Monday- no I am not going to do my own version of The Mamas & Papas song, rather I am whining about the things that accompany my Monday. In spite of appearances I really prefer not to whine. It rarely does anything to improve my situation and more often than not exacerbates it.

But since I am complaining here is my primary issue. My @@$^%#&%&^% eyes are still giving me trouble. Went to the doc last week and was told that it was some sort of eye infection. Seemed to make sense, had itchy eyes that were burning and producing that lovely discharge. Doc prescribes an antibiotic and tells me to take it for five days. Being a good patient I follow doctor’s orders and find myself with eyes that are slightly improved by dry as ^#%^&#^&.

The damn things feel like the Sahara so I ask for help and am told to take some artificial tears. That works to a point, but still doesn’t solve the problem. And did I mention that these suckers are puffy? I look like I just spent the last decade living in cleveland. Talk about looking like some kind of sad looking hobo.

So I head out to the doc again determined to get more help. It is five days since my initial visit. Two hours of sitting with the people at urgent care. That is an experience. A room full of sick and cranky people and their relatives. People of every nationality and socio-economic class are represented there.

Under different circumstances it might have been interesting, but not this trip. I wasn’t up for it. Anyhoo, I finally get to see the doc on call and am told that he thinks that my issue is due to allergies, tells me that the rains have kicked up all sorts of pollen. I mention that I had LASIK nine years ago and he tells me that they have noticed that many of us have dry eye issues 10 years out and tells me to take artificial tears.  He also
sends me off with a new eyedrop for the allergies, an OTC that is more powerful than the one I have at home.

I leave the office hoping he is right. I am allergic to cats, crazy people and lactose intolerant. Notice that list doesn’t include mention of any other allergies because for 40 some years there hasn’t been anything else. But I figure that I’ll trust his judgment and hope that he is correct.

Two days later I am sitting here writing this post mad as hell. My eyes don’t itch or burn, but they are dry and puffy. The puffiness is affecting my vision. It is primarily in my left eye. I am having some difficulty reading small print. I suspect that at some point I am going to need reading glasses, but I don’t think that my eyes have actually changed. Every time I use the artificial tears there is momentary improvement.

All I know is that this is irritating the T#&^%&^%# out of me.

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