Is It Madness

“It’s a bitter pill I swallow here
To be rent from one so dear.
We fought for justice and not for gain
But the magistrate sent me away.”
Van Diemen’s Land- U2

You’re name is Johnny and you are back in the familiar setting of running with the moon. It is more than a phrase or an expression that you sometimes use, it is an occasional reality. For running with the moon is what you sometimes do when you cannot make sense of that which you face in your daily life.

You run under a moonlit sky and pretend that you are a wolf running through the forest. You are in search of many things, but mostly answers to the questions that trouble your heart and wreak havoc upon your soul. It is a quest that you are on, a search for the talisman that will provide you with the peace and quiet you seek.

So you run and you run but you never can find that which you are seeking. In frustration and anger you begin to howl. You snap and snarl at any creature that comes close to you because it is easier to keep them at an arms length away than to allow them get close.

Eventually you grow tired and you collapse against a block wall and stare at the world around you. The sounds of traffic bring you back to your reality. You are not a wolf any more. You are just a man. A simple person who has never forgotten what it was like to catch lightning in a bottle.

A optimist and a dreamer you believe that even though it escaped you can get it again. You are not sure how it can be done, just that it can. So every day you wake up and try. Sometimes you look at the dates on your mental calendar, that one you keep inside your head.You look and you realize that you haven’t made any progress whatsoever.

And you cannot help but wonder is it madness to keep on trying. So you close your eyes and you search for that magical place people call their center and you look for a different sort of answer. And you receive it, you are not ready to just give up.

Your decision is based upon a combination of logic and faith.There is no way to tell for certain if it is going to work. But your restless spirit is willing to continue and that is enough, for now. So you’ll continue your search for as long as it doesn’t prevent you from doing those other things that you have to do.

It is a worthy compromise. So for now you’ll pay the price that all men must pay for such actions. But that is ok, because you have always accepted that sometimes great risk must be taken for the greatest reward.

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