Talent- A Heavy Bag & Dad’s Medicine Cabinet

Life is more interesting right now than I’d like it to be. I think that someone missed the memo stating that 2010 is the year of Jack. Went out to the garage and punished the heavy bag for the misunderstanding. Started out slowly, circled the bag and taunted it. Called it fat and stupid, accused it of the most terrible misdeeds and then I unloaded upon it.

I know, it is a bag. A big unthinking and unfeeling bag that won’t respond to the taunts, couldn’t care less about the little barbs, slings and arrows I fling at it. Doesn’t matter, all that matters is that it helps alleviate some of the stress and frustration. Pent up energy is flung at it. I turn up the music and scream once or twice. Hope that the neighbors don’t hear the noise for fear that they’ll call the police.

Now that would be interesting, having the police show up asking questions about who is screaming as no one is ever going to mistake my bellowing for a female of the species. I don’t sound like this guy, but maybe I should. Go viral and watch my blog blow up, receive book deals, newspaper opps, talk shows etc.

The music changes and I start swinging faster, dancing in circles around the bag, still thankful that no one can see me. The mental image I have shows me looking just like Ali but reality is probably closer to Butterbean.

Apparently I am not doing working hard enough to exhaust myself, mind starts mulling over talent. Success in life isn’t based upon talent or hard work. Can’t say that it is really based upon luck either, it is some sort of combination of everything and nothing. The big dogs don’t always have more bark or a stronger bite than we do.

This is part of me that I don’t share with the kids. Don’t rail on about being frustrated or how unfair life can be. There aren’t good answers because life isn’t predicated upon fairness, equality or time served for good behavior. They’ll learn these things in time and then we’ll talk about it. For now I am happy to let them live in the bubble, it is ok and they won’t be hurt by it.

And the truth is that I do believe in Thomas Edison’s quote “Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Makes sense to me. It is a meld of luck, talent and hard work that I can buy into. It doesn’t require unreasonable faith in any one item and it still allows me to retain control. Control to a point, but control nonetheless.

I can accept hard work as a recipe for success. I can believe it and therefore I can get behind it.

Workout is almost over, arms are getting heavy. Sweat is rolling down the forehead and seeking refuge within the eyes. The stinging sensation reminds me that the orbs aren’t quite a hundred percent and consequently need some assistance.

I use the back of my wrist to wipe my face, and take advantage of my teeth to tear off my right glove. In a moment both of my hands will be free and I will head into the house to grab some eye drops and two Motrin.

The medicine cabinet shows a few signs of aging. Got a few more odds and ends in it than I did twenty years ago. Not all are medicinal in nature. All sorts of creams and accessories for shaving are located within, some of them gifts that have been accumulated over the years.

I tear off my shorts, take off my shirt and step into a shower that is cold, shockingly so. The juvenile mutters “there was shrinkage” and then giggles at my own silliness. I lean against the wall and realize that in some ways my medicine cabinet resembles the one I remember my father having. I shrug once and duck my head under the water.

Thinking time is over- now is time to dry off and fall asleep unencumbered by thoughts, worries or concerns that are more serious than hoping my dreams are those I wish for.

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