Goodbye John Wooden

John Wooden was someone that I looked up to. I never had the privilege of being one of his players. I wasn’t old enough or good enough to have played for him in college. Nor did I get the opportunity to attend one of this basketball camps, although I know many who did.

But I did have a number of regular encounters with Coach Wooden. When I was in junior high I used to see him almost daily. You see he used to jog past my bus stop each day. Upon occasion he would stop and talk to us. It was never for very long and I can’t say that I really remember anything he said. In part it is because I didn’t really appreciate just how special that was. But what stuck with me was the fact that this man who is considered to be a legend took the time to talk to a bunch of kids.

And in the years since I have read his books, watched some of his videos (such as the one below) and studied his Pyramid of Success. I appreciate them all because they are sensible and offer life lessons that can be applied at any time. Thank you Coach Wooden, you made a real difference.

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