A Child’s Birthday Party- Summertime Blues

In that life that I used to lead before I got married, had kids and settled into the American Dream I used to be a child who would attend birthday parties for other children. I know, that is amazing, different, unique and unusual. No one else did that growing up.

Later on in the days in which I attended sleep away camp I watched friends and other campers celebrate their birthdays at camp. It seemed to me like a very cool thing to do and I was kind of disappointed that my own birthday was in May. So I found it to be surprising when one of the other campers told me that he didn’t like having his birthday at camp, it didn’t make sense to me.

But now as the father of a daughter with a birthday that falls in July I have a different perspective. It sounds a bit counter intuitive, but it can be a bit more challenging trying to throw a birthday party during summer. Since school is out it is not unusual for people to go on family vacations.

So it can become a bit more challenging to find a date where you can get a group of children together to celebrate. It should be noted that I would be thrilled if this were the most difficult of my problems. If the only real challenge I faced in life was trying to put together birthday parties for my children I would be a happy man.

I get it, really, I do. This is sort of a silly problem, but a problem nonetheless. The dark haired beauty is well liked and is fortunate to have many friends. And she would very much like them to be at her party. There is nothing wrong or unusual with that, her mother and I want the same for her.

But as I mentioned before it has been ridiculously challenging to try and find a date where we can get most of them together. I don’t expect to find one that works for everyone and I am not going to even try. But we need to shoot for most and even that has been problematic.

And of course none of this takes into account the cost of putting a party together. During the summer the fabulous California sun and blue skies are not always conducive to birthday parties. It is not inconceivable or ridiculous to say that the temperatures can be anywhere between 90 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

That can make it a bit harder to throw the party at a park, especially when some parents frown on allowing their kids to get dehydrated. 😉

With a little bit of luck this birthday (6) will be among the last where she wants to invite a billion kids and next year we can move into the small gathering of two or three close friends.

But that is a year away so in the interim I have to tear my hair out over trying to find an affordable way to have a nice party that will make the dark haired beauty happy.

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