Johnny Calls a Psychic

Sometimes the best way to deal with the challenges in life was to let go and laugh. Just laugh at the absurdity of all. Just laugh at the surreal, the bizarre and the incomprehensible moments and events of the day. It is not always easy to do, often it is quite hard. When you look at your world and wonder why the wheels haven’t fallen off of the bus you have to ask why laugh.

Really, if things are serious and you feel that the situation is grim it can be hard to find your smile. But life is about perspective and sometimes when things get to be that crazy the first thing you lose is…perspective. You can become so close to the situation that you can’t see the start or the end.

There were more than a few occasions where Johnny described feeling like he was sailing around the world, except the motor and mast were broken. He’d stand on the deck and slowly turn in a circle. There was no land to be seen, just endless miles of ocean.

It wasn’t hard to imagine what it was he saw- nor was it hard to point out that endless miles of ocean meant calm seas. And calm seas provided an opportunity to try and work on whatever was broken to see if it was damaged beyond repair or salvageable.

Johnny was never particularly enamored with psychics. He expected that some of them might have some ability- stranger things could happen. But he also expected that the ranks were filled with frauds. It was too easy to prey upon people. Because the people that called, emailed or visited the psychics had relationship and or money issues. You didn’t have to listen to the shows or visit to know this, it was just common sense.

Nonetheless when Johnny found out that there were free readings he decided to give it a go.  He already felt like he had lost perspective so it made sense to do something to shake it up. So he decided that he would try it, but just for the heck of it he would call two or three. It would be interesting to see if they said the same thing.

There was a big smile on his face as he dialed the first number. If she didn’t tell him that she was expecting his call he would laugh, because as a psychic wasn’t she supposed to know that he was going to visit/communicate with her. A moment later he was connected with the show and told that he should hold on as she would eventually get to him. It took some restraint not to ask the screener if the hold music was Love Potion #9.

For a while he sat on hold and listened the callers ask their questions. He was curious to see if they got excited or upset at the responses they received. Many of them were very appreciative and grateful for the advice they received. It was hard to tell if they were truly satisfied or just being polite- but none of that mattered all that much to Johnny. He was mostly curious to see if what he heard made sense or was just gibberish.

Eventually the woman got to him and asked him what he wanted to know about. So he gave her a general question about soul mates and asked if he had one. She told him that he did and that he already knew her. He tried to ask for some specifics and was told that this particular relationship took work and that she didn’t know what would happen.

Johnny rolled his eyes and a small smirk came across his face. This was the sort of fence straddling that he had expected. There was a lot of truth in it and at the same time it was vague enough it could be applied to anyone.

So he went back to work and for a long while was completely immersed in it. After a while he was ready to take a break and he called in to a different show. This time the host used Tarot cards, but Johnny didn’t care. He didn’t really take it seriously so what difference did it make. When it came time to ask a question he made a point to phrase it the same was as he had before.

For a moment there was silence and then came the response. The card reader let him know that he knew his soul mate and that he shouldn’t worry because within the next six months they would have their opportunity. In the interim the sole thing that he needed to do was work on his career and finances.

Another vague answer that could be applied to anyone, but he liked it. It didn’t cost him a dime to talk to either of these people so there was nothing lost. He wasn’t sure what would happen with June. He knew what he wanted, what he felt and what he thought but that didn’t mean that it would work the way he wanted. But he agreed with being focused on himself. There wasn’t anything to be lost by doing that.

“Everybody tells me I’m wrong
To want you so badly
(Badly, badly, badly)
But there’s a force driving me on
I follow it gladly
(Gladly, gladly, gladly)
So let them laugh I don’t care
‘Cause I got nothing to hide
All that I want is you by my side”
Bend Me, Shape Me- The American Breed

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