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I’ll let you in on a little secret. Shh…come closer because I don’t want to yell. More importantly I am not very good at whispering, one of the challenges of having a deeper voice is that whispers are sometimes non-existent.

I am working at Odd Dad Out.

Basically, this site is designed to make dad bloggers as rich as the moms (wink, wink). Did you know that a recent Harvard* study found that mommy bloggers are paid three times the amount of gift certificates and free samples than are their male counterparts? This indicates a disparagingly wide gap in gender blog equality, a gap that needs to be closed.

Yep, got me a gig there as one of the featured writers so now I have to work hard on being clean and respectable. Ok, that is not going to happen but I can promise that you don’t want to miss out on the stuff that is going on there.

So take a moment to head on over and read my post Be a Better Blogger- Write More Frequently.

Fear not, I am not closing up shop here there is plenty more Shacky goodness to come.

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