The Road Warrior Returns

I hate flying. Ok, hate is a strong word but I really dislike it. And since writing is one of the best tools I have for venting and blowing off steam this blog sort of resembles a chocolate chip cookie in which the blog is the cookie and the posts about flying represent the chips. If the Shmata Queen wasn’t on hiatus I’d write about how I am a better baker than she is but what’s the point- she knows that anyway. Got a ketchup sandwich for you dear.

This most recent trip was a turnaround and I am feeling a little beat. Left LAX at 10:30 on Monday night and arrived in Dulles yesterday morning at 6:30. Hopped a shuttle to the hotel and then made like Clark Kent changing into Superman in the bathroom. Moments later I did my share to keep Starbucks in business and I was ready to roll.

By 8:30 I was sitting in the conference room bright eyed and bushy tailed for a 9 A.M. meeting. Ok, that is not entirely true- I was there but I felt like hell. Felt like hell because the travel gods punished me by providing me with the gift of sniffles and a snore throat. It started the night before and progressively got worse.

I rarely get sick and was none too happy to realize three hours before my flight that the body was fighting some bug. This meeting was too important to cancel so I got some OTC cold drugs, Vitamin C, Zinc and a healthy dose of meditation to get me through.

You won’t be surprised to learn that on the flight out there I was thrilled to have an entire row to myself. I turned on the iPod, closed my eyes and did my best to sleep.

Home-Michael Bublé
Gentle Annie– Tommy Makem & Liam Clancy
Honor (Main Title Theme from “The Pacific”)– Hans Zimmer
Always On My Mind-Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson
Calling You– Blue October
America-Simon & Garfunkel
A Pirate Looks At Forty-Jimmy Buffett
Praan-Garry Schyman
Superman– R.E.M.
I Was Wrong– Social Distortion
99 To Life– Social Distortion

Can’t tell you how long I slept for only that I did and that it was a good thing that I took a moment to look at myself in the mirror as my hair was pretty funky. I remember brushing my hair and thinking about how in some way my professional life has been far more similar to both of my grandfathers than my own father. But, they traveled by car and not by plane. Not sure if they could have ever imagined flying across the country for a meeting.

Granted, it is not that unusual. I have many friends who have done this but still if you go to the trouble of flying three thousand miles it makes more sense to stay for a few days and build several meetings around your trip. My children certainly don’t appreciate how amazing it is to do the things that we do. They have had video chats with relatives around the world and thought nothing of it.

My friends and I used to wish that we had our own ‘Q‘ to supply us with the amazing toys that James Bond got to play with never dreaming that one day we would have them for ourselves.

Truth is that even though I have flown a million times I am still sort of amazed by all this and that makes me happy. Makes me happy because it reminds me that the little boy that I once was still lives inside me and that sometimes he gets to come out and play.

And I would be remiss not to mention how much fun it is to see the unadulterated excitement in the eyes of the children when they saw I was home. That sort of welcome never grows old.

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