The People We Miss

I often complain about the holiday season. I wished death upon the Easter Bunny and Santa. Some of that is serious and some of that is nonsense.

This morning as I bounced around the blogosphere I stumbled onto a bunch of posts in which people reflected on life and some of the loved ones that they miss. It really made me think about some things that are going on now and the people that I care about because there are a few whose absence I really notice.


Some people play too big a role in our lives for us not to miss them.  They come into our lives and they change things, or maybe things change. I am not alway quite sure how that works.

I am not talking about the obvious ones. This isn’t about parents or siblings. It is understood that they play a huge role. Rather I am thinking about the unexpected impact that others can have upon you.

I am thinking about the people who enter your life and whose presence fills up empty places that you never knew or didn’t realize were empty. The people who make you feel whole and joyful. Those folks whose presence just makes your body and soul tingle in ways that aren’t based upon lust alone.

Sometimes you read these sorts of posts and you shake your head because you don’t really believe that such a thing can happen. You think that it is an exaggeration or something else. Maybe to some it is, but others know differently.


I have heard people talk about people coming into your life for a reason or a season, or something along those lines. I don’t know if I believe that. Not sure that I believe in destiny or that I don’t believe in it. What I do know is solely based upon my experience.

There are people who come into your life through unexpected means who hold a place that is significant in your heart. And since you never know what can happen you need to take advantage of that time for however long it is because you’d miss them if they were gone.

I like to visualize it all as a journey.Blame it on an overactive imagination and having read Tolkien too many times. But I almost always picture myself riding/walking through some amazing land. Sometimes it is a forest or meadow, other times it is a beach or desert.

Along the way I encounter many different people. Some are friends and some are foes. Some become companions that join me on my journey and we share adventures. Sometimes you lose those companions or sometimes you part ways for a while and rejoin each other at a later date.

Don’t ask me to get more descriptive of who I see myself as. Definitely not Gandalf, Sam or Frodo. Not Boromir or Legolas or Aragorn. I am just me, some guy who finds himself in all sorts of places and predicaments. Sometimes they turn out incredibly well and others not so well.

All I know is that Some people play too big a role in our lives for us not to miss them.  I know who I miss and so do they.

Who do you miss?

(yeah, this is recycled)  

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