Blog Notes: Fragments of Fiction

A quick note regarding Fragments of Fiction for those who are new. During the past six or so years I have written approximately 150 insertions for Fragments of Fiction. When I moved the old blog here I discovered that WordPress offers a feature that allows you to link posts that are part of a series. I started randomly linking the Fragments of Fiction posts with the series tag not realizing that it placed a numerical value upon each insertion.

The purpose of the series tag is to keep all of the posts in a series together in a chronological order. I sort of screwed that up. By tagging these posts randomly I locked them into the series set but created a crazy order. At some point in time I will get around to fixing that, but the truth is that there is an order for about 30 of these posts. After that it gets a bit jumbled.

But there is a rhyme and a reason to it all and like I said, I’ll get to it. Stay tuned.

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