Valentine’s Day Music

In case you are wondering my feelings regarding the day haven’t changed in the slightest, I despise this day. It is only made worse by falling on a Monday. While I am waiting for the day when the majority of people agree with me, that has happened yet. I know because I checked. I took a cursory look around the blogosphere to see what is being said.

There are bloggers out there of every stripe who write about the day and share thoughts and ideas about the day. They’ll offer all sorts of different advice or  for you to read and reasons why you should or should not do XYZ.  I once said,

Gentlemen of the world, lend me your ears. I come to you as the man who would help spare you pain. I bring you tidings of a movement to end your bondage and to help you rise up as free men. You need not participate in the foolish pipedreams and fantasy that the slavers have placed upon you.
You need not worry about flowers, cards and candy. There is no reason for you to concern yourself with the trivial and the meaningless. There is no reason for others to dictate when you will be romantic.
If we act as one, if we work together as a single unit we can destroy the oppressive entities that have heaped this silly fiction upon us and once again know true freedom.

I stand by those words. Anyway, I am buried in work and have been writing this post using the “prairie dog method.” You know, you poke your head up once every so often and add a few words to it. The “Prairie Dog Method” can be an effective tool for writing but it makes it far more challenging to ensure that your voice is consistent throughout your work. I use it on posts like this where I am less concerned with flow and more with other things. More on this later. For now here are some songs for the day.

Tainted Love- Soft Cell
Love Stinks- J.Geils Band
Go Your Own Way-Fleetwood Mac
Love Bites-Def Leppard
You Give Love a Bad Name-Bon Jovi

Stay tuned readers, more content coming later.

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  1. Wendi February 14, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    Thank you for the linkage, Jack B.

    And I hope you had an OK day, you Prairie Dog, you.

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