Cocktail Party

I don’t particularly enjoy flying.  It is a combination of things that bother me. My knees hit the the seat in front of me, my shoulders hang off of the edge and I don’t enjoy having people sit on top of me. If there was ever a doubt that I have become old and cranky that should dispel it.  Thanks to the broken lock episode from the night before I ended up getting far less sleep than I had intended to. Under ordinary circumstances I would have grabbed a big cup of coffee but the last thing I need to do is get myself amped up on a flight.

It is not unlike crossing the streams- it would be bad. So I opted to wait on the cup of Joe until I reached the Emerald City which I might add is mighty gray today. Besides I can sleep anywhere so I figured that I would catch a few winks on the flight and I did, but not enough. I think that the past is catching up to me and that the lack of sleep is only going to get worse so changes need to be made. The hard part is trying to determine what to cut out or see if I can finally develop that 32 hour day I have been talking about inventing.

Meanwhile I have to get ready for a cocktail party. It is going to be here at the hotel as part the Nintendo program (hashtag #nintendoenthused). Moments like now are among the many reasons why I am happy to be male. I am not agonizing over what to wear or whether my hair is perfect. To be clear I am not saying that all of the ladies will be either, but there is a better chance of that happening than of me getting pissed off ‘cuz some guy is wearing the same shirt.

Circling back to the topic of being tired as I sit here typing it has become quite apparent that I am, tired. It feels good to sit here, barefoot and clad in t-shirt and shorts. I could easily lie down on the bed, throw on some music and sleep for a long while. But I am not going to do that because I came here for a reason and the purpose won’t be served if I miss the moment.

And that is just not going to happen. There have been too many moments that I have missed and I promised myself long ago to continue to make the effort not to miss those moments. Not to mention that I have had multiple conversations with the kids about not missing the moment. I don’t believe in trying to fit everything in because you can’t do that and appreciate them all. But I do believe in going after the moments that resonate the most with you with a ferocity that borders on crazy. Suck the damn marrow out of life and live.

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