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Time to highlight one of my new favorite sources. It is a blog called Start Your Novel.

Twice a week, I post one or two small writing prompts, 50 words or less. Let’s call that a story-seed. The rest is up to you.
Take my ideas and run away with them. Go wild. They are freely given. This is an adventure in open-source storytelling.

I know I called the website “Start Your Novel,” but you can use my snippets for anything you please — short stories, novellas, RPG settings, comics, anything. Copyright is hereby waived. If somehow you make millions off an idea you got from me, good for you. Credit would be appreciated. That’s it.

Here is a snippet from his blog as well as the brief section I added

The Times and Trials of Remorse Brown
Who in their right mind would name a daughter Remorse? Although that wasn’t so bad; her big brother was called Regret, which is a sorry name for a man.

The old thief espied their shack from afar, and counted his blessings.

There was a reason why he had lived to be an old thief who walked free of fetters and shackles and not one who lived in chains.

He never let ego get in the way of doing a proper job. Too many other men had made the mistake of trying to leave a signature behind and had paid the price for it.

Ego and the movie industry were responsible for that. Ego made you want to to show how smart you were and movies made you think that it would turn you into some kind of icon.

For a moment he paused to wipe his brow and considered the best way to approach the shack. A smart man didn’t get lost pondering why someone would name their children Regret and Remorse, at least not from 100 yards a way.

That sort of wool gathering was best done at home in front of a warm fire and with your favorite drink in hand.

What say you? Should I continue this?

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