The Write Words For June

Dear June,

Time is a fickle thing is it not. My heart had a talk today with my head and declared that though it has been a thousand years since we walked in our secret garden nothing has changed. By royal decree the edict was issued and offered without explanation because there are no words to properly express what once was. The heart looked back upon this, this and this and told the head that these words were all the proof that was required to make his point.

The head fought back and offered logical reasons why it was nothing more than a fools errand. He spoke eloquently and passionately about why it was an impossibility and then posited that the simple truths he spoke of couldn’t be ignored. Perhaps that would have been enough had this been the province of logic but it is not. The heart wants what the heart wants and when it is roused it is capable of moving the earth.

Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields
Woods or steepy mountain yields

And we will sit upon the rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks
By shallow rivers to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flower, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;
“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”- Christopher Marlowe

We read these words together and walked through our secret garden. Our fingers intertwined and our breathing in synch we shed the constraints of the earth and floated in places few are ever privileged to see. We experienced bliss, awe and something beyond the power of words to describe. The fathers of our country would have said that “they hold these truths to be self evident” and they would have been right. You know as do I what sort of magic we created.

And yet here we are in the lifetime we live in…alone and apart. We stare at the moon from separate places but though our bodies are far apart our spirits remain as they were. We are as you once said “inextricably linked” together. A physical connection isn’t needed to prove what is. And if there was it would merely be the consummation of the truths we already know even if we fear to say them aloud.

So I reach out and say again that I know the write words will wake you from your sleep- perhaps not today but soon.

“I fell into a burning ring of fire
Went down down down and the flames went higher
It burns burns burns that ring of fire that ring of fire and it burns”

Ring of Fire- Johnny Cash

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