It is Called Life

This thing you are doing- it is called life and every moment that you sit here reading it is passing you by. This thing you are doing- it is called life and every time you let fear stop you from doing something you stop living. I don’t write these words for your benefit but for mine. Ok, that is not entirely true because I do want you to benefit from this.

I want you to benefit because it is the right thing to do and for selfish reasons. The same selfish reasons that make me want you to be educated, healthy and happy apply here. Why do I say this? Because I believe that educated, healthy and happy people make the world a nicer place to live in. Some of my friends who like to argue with me about evolution say that it is an unproven theory. Well, so is my belief about the value of more people being educated, healthy and happy. Either way I don’t really care if you approve of it because you come from a monkey as do I. But you are not The Monkey and yes that is an inside joke that only one person will get. Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Point, click and surf on over to greener pastures.

Really, I don’t mind. You don’t have to like me. I kill unicorns, club baby seals and drown kittens.


The Jewish New Year is approaching and I feel a bit crazed. I always get this feeling around this time. It is because part of this time is devoted to introspection and when I look inside I am not happy with all that I see. More on that in a minute, first I want to roll another video. Ignore the religious component of it and focus on what you see. It is three years old but the scenes could have just as easily taken place this year.

I watch that and ask myself if I am doing the things that need to be done to make my life better. I watch that and ask myself the hard questions. What is it that bothers me and why I aren’t I happier with my life. Are the reasons things that are under my control or is it something else. If I don’t identify those things than how I can make the changes that need to be made. I am not interested in passing through life. I don’t want to wake up and feel like I have wasted my days so I haven’t any choice but to pull back the covers and see what lies beneath.

What can I do to move from dream to reality. This is part of what I focus on. My dream car has always been the Mach 5. I remember being a little boy wishing that one day that car would be mine and now I come to find out that someone has made one. What do I want and how can I make it happen.

Part of becoming the father I want to be is tied into making sure that I follow these dreams and do whatever I can to make them real. I may not always succeed but I feel better when I try. My friend John Falchetto touched upon this in a post he called Stop lying to yourself and others will believe you.

I left a comment on that post that made me realize that my thoughts and ideas about life/myself have changed

Yes, sometimes we need to admit defeat and accept that we have failed. That doesn’t mean giving up but acknowledging that our plan/strategy wasn’t working and that it needs to be changed.

Failure is just another opportunity to learn, albeit sometimes more painful.

Not so long ago I wouldn’t have ever admitted that I have failed at anything. I would have seen that as showing weakness and that wasn’t something that I was willing to share or admit with more than a handful of people. I don’t like it all that much now and am not all that enamored with that bitter taste. But I have come to believe that although these experiences haven’t been exceptionally pleasant they have taught me things that I couldn’t have learned any other way.

They have also helped toughen me up to deal with situations that might have otherwise felt overwhelming. Some these changes have taken already taken place and others are coming just down the road

This thing you are doing- it is called life. Are you living or just passing the time away.

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