Your Blogging Privileges Have Been Revoked

Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrell, Houston Astrodome, Houston, TX, 1967The original headline of this post was supposed to be 18 Reasons To Read This Blog- Part 2.  Correction the original title was “The Post That Bill Dorman Almost Wrote But Didn’t.”

Since Bill used to be the invisible blogger I like sending traffic his way. The likelihood of his being invisible is about the same as The Bloggess highlighting the next 50 posts I write. Those of you who know me in real life know that crazy stuff happens to me all the time so I wouldn’t be surprised if she sent me an email to let me know that she had decided that it was important for all of her readers to learn more about me.

Really, one day Marcus is going to include me in his list of bloggers to read. One day soon you’ll Danny Brown and Margie Clayman link up with me too. Take a moment to go wish Danny a happy third blogiversary and to read Margie’s post about installing Livefyre on her blog. Go on, we’ll wait for you.

C’mon Jayme.  We’re waiting for you and Ken to finish. Someone tell Brian to let Henry Wood go for a moment.

What Is The Point Of The Headline?

The point is that for the past four hours every time I tried to take a moment to write something came up and prevented me from doing so. It was uncanny the way life and responsibilities got in the way of the blog. There were telephone calls about sick relatives, work issues, bills, homework and a boatload of other things that made me feel like I was running in mud.

And I being the most patient father in the world walked out of my office, stepped outside and screamed at the Universe to “Back Off!” Ok, I didn’t scream because I didn’t want to freak out the neighbors but I didn’t have to. Really, my magic powers and exceptionally intense personality sent the message out into the world. And then for good measure I smiled broadly and asked for the universe to send me $10k. I figured it never hurts to ask and then while lost in contemplation I upped the number substantially.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

So in an effort to practice what I preach I took a deep breath and reminded myself to go along and get along. This is how I reached the 18 Reasons To Read This Blog- Part 2 idea. It is a quick sequel to this post in which I provided a list of some of the most popular posts to appear here.

Every now and then it is good to share that information. It never hurts to showcase some of your most popular stuff to those who might not have seen it. And when you are jammed for time it is quick. But the universe in its infinite wisdom didn’t let me fire that off and in fact has continued to interrupt me while I am writing this one.

Bad move universe. I am a Taurus and you don’t to aggravate the bull or you’ll get the horns. You must be one of those people who thinks that the SEC plays real football or that the celtics play real basketball. So here I am determined to finish this damn post.

Here are a bunch of posts that my stats say are quite popular. Some of them may be repeats from the old list but some could be new. Read and enjoy and I promise to share a new post with real writing later this evening.

  1. Some Things I’ll Teach My Children (Updated)
  2. A Father Describes Parenting
  3. Teach Your Children To Be Responsible With Money
  4. An Open Letter To Triberr Members
  5. Your Blog Bores Me
  6. My Children Confront Death Again
  7. A Whiter Shade Of Pale
  8. The Best Cover Letter….Ever
  9. Would You Read This Story Part 3
  10. Mean Girls Come From Mean Moms
  11. One Slightly Used Pump For Sale
  12. When Mean Girls Grow Up
  13. More Proof That Great Headlines Don’t Matter
  14. Facebooking Proves That Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds
  15. The GermoPhobe
  16. It is Called Life
  17. Life Lessons Learned on the Soccer Field 
  18. Know Your Own Worth
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