Babble Doesn’t Know About My Blog

Babble doesn’t know about my blog or at least I don’t think that they do. Because if they did surely I would have been includedon their fabulous list of the Top 50 Dad Blogs.

I am told that it will sound bitter if I say that I don’t recognize a bunch of the boys they have listed and that I shouldn’t mention that I have been blogging longer than most. I am told that if I paid more attention to writing great headlines and SEO I might not have this problem of flying under the radar.

All those things might be true or they might not be. Because the fine boys/girls at Babble might have wandered through this joint and decided that it is not up to snuff. They might have decided that this blog is not Babbleworthy which in the grand scheme of things is not as bad as not being spongeworthy.

I really shouldn’t say “Bite Me Babble” because I am not bitter. But I can’t help myself because “Bite Me Babble” just has this ring to it. Certainly more fun than saying “Blow Me Babble” and I am good with that.

Why not talk about healthcare

Why not talk about healthcare. That is not really a question for me because it is something that I think about each month. My health insurance covers myself and two healthy children. Did I mention that the monthly cost is second only to that which I pay to keep a roof over my head.

But there is a significant distinction here. We sleep under that roof every night. We use the house daily whereas healthcare is used on an as needed basis.  Provided that we all stay healthy that means we hit the doc around a half dozen times a year. I don’t even want to tell you how much that averages out to be.

And I don’t dare change plans because if things go to hell the already expensive medical costs will hit the “holy fuck we can’t pay this but don’t have a choice because we don’t want to die or be permanently crippled” level. Did I mention that a trip to the dentist for two kid just sucked $240 out of my wallet.

I think that the toothmeister and I are going to have a conversation about what the real costs are and then I am going to start looking for a new doc for the kids.

The Top 50 Get What

Now if only I was one of those Top 50 dad bloggers the dentist would quake in fear, refund my money and offer to pay for my children’s college education. It is only fair because I know the dental work I had done last year paid for their new kitchen and a vacation in Tuscany. Instead I am shilling for my blog and looking for excuses to include  include Why Your Post Sucks and Everyone Hates Your Blog, A Father’s Burden and The Hypocrisy of Charitable Giving During the Holiday Season.

Really it is hard not to be irate about these things. I don’t begrudge paying for quality healthcare any more than I do for a quality education but this is unreal and unreasonable.  BTW, do yourself a favor and don’t tell me about how the Republicans/Democrats want to destroy the country because I am not interested in hearing it. Don’t want you to tell me why Liberals/Conservatives are the devil because I don’t want to hear that either.

Nor do I want to know about how the fine folks at Occupy Wall Street. All I care about is action. Tell me what you want to change, why you want to do so and how you intend to make said changes. And please for the love of all that is good and holy don’t send me a PowerPoint presentation that is so poorly done Crystal Meth addicts fall asleep while watching it.

This reminds me that it is probably time to revisit Dad Balances Fear Versus Reality because as you said in that post you have a goal:

The goal is the same as it has always been. Raise good children, smart children. Raise children who are self sufficient and productive members of society.

And the bottom line is that goal is more important than all of this other nonsense.

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