A Letter To The Universe

Dear Universe,

You know that I am a semi-skeptic. I have seen a lot of things that make me believe that all that happens around us is not based solely upon the laws of math and science. There is reason to believe that something else is involved too.

But, I have never hung my hat on that because it makes me nervous. I get self conscious about some things and you know that I am very reluctant to hand out my trust. You know that I feel like when I have I have gotten my heart torn through my chest, my ass kicked and my soul devoured by demons.

Ok, maybe that is a slight exaggeration but it is close enough to the truth. I have the scars that bear witness to what I have seen, watched and endured. It could always be far worse but it could be far better.

It certainly is fair to say that I have learned many lessons and that I am far tougher, stronger and smarter because of them.  And before you get all uppity and in my face let me add that I don’t think that I have stopped learning either.

But what I have done is made the decision to publicly declare that I am opening myself up to possibilities and opportunities. I have taken steps to make changes because changes have to be made. I can’t do what I have been doing any longer.

It is not working and I am done paying the price for trying not to change. There are lines on my face, less hair on my head and other physical signs that change is necessary. I have already proven to myself that I can take a serious beating and keep standing. I give back twice as good as I get but that isn’t helping here, so…

So here we are universe- just you and I standing out somewhere in space. My eyes and heart are open and I think that I see you pushing me in certain directions so I am going with my gut.

I feel a bit like Tevye singing If I Were A Rich Man but I am clearly not a milkman living in the shtetl. Of course if my kids were here I would remind them that my great-grandparents left the shtetl to come to America. I might talk to them about my zaide, the tailor who was not named Mottel Kamzoil but did marry the girl who stole his heart. Her name wasn’t Pesha Rachel but that is not important in this context.

So universe as I open myself up to possibilities and opportunities I am anxious in a good way to see what you send to me. But I want to make it clear that I am going to continue pushing hard to make other changes too because even though I have made this declaration I am still a “make your own luck” kind of guy.

Let’s shake on it universe and get things moving. BTW, if you want a faster response out of me it might help if you were more clear in your messaging- sometimes I am a little slow.



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