Things That Matter- Stolen Innocence Remembered

There is a boy in this house that asked me today about the time his mother’s purse was stolen. We remember it for similar and yet different reasons.

He was quite young but he remembers watching me try to out run an elevator to catch a thief. I remember it because it was a day that took a chunk of his innocence.

If I could get inside his head I would be quite curious to see what his memory of the moment looks like. It would be quite interesting but I never mention that to him.

That is because right now I want to redirect his thoughts to things that matter. I want to talk about love and friendship. I want to talk about gratitude and respect. I want to talk about education and health.

He wants to know what I would have done had I caught them. It is not the first time we have discussed this but he is old enough now to have more of a grasp upon what that could have been and what it could have meant.

My response is to tell him that it all worked out. No one got hurt. “But you would have hurt them if you had too, right dad?”

I nod my head and remind him that I will always do what I have to do to protect him and his sister. He asks me what that means and I say that it depends on what is necessary.

We talk about things that matter. It is a good conversation and an important one. I don’t tell him that part of the reason these conversations are important to me is because I could die.

I haven’t any reason to believe that is going to happen soon but things happen and you never know. It is important to me to give him as many tools as I can. It is a different form of insurance.

Things that Matter

I like this blog called Marc and Angel Hack Life. They have a number of posts that I think are cool and worth reading. Check out 12 Things To Start Caring About Today and  40 Photo-Illustrated Questions to Refocus Your Mind.

That second link has a series of questions that I am thinking about. Hard questions that are worth answering. It is timely for me because I am focused on the hard questions about my life. I want to dig deeper and make sure that I understand what is truly important to me. I want to narrow my focus to the things that matter.

I don’t have any plans to die any time soon but I feel the pressure of time. I am not 25 anymore and I don’t have years to figure everything out, at least not like I used to.

Now is my time to refocus and rededicate myself to certain tasks. Now is my time to chase the things that matter with more fervor than before. Part of that is because I have had time to figure out what is less important as well as what is.

I am Jack the dad blogger but I am also Jack the man. My job now is to figure out how to take care of the kids while taking care of me too. Now is when I will follow the advice of Steve Jobs.


What about you? What are you going to do?

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