I Sang Happy Birthday With Bob Dylan & Saved Billy Crystal

You should know that the headline isn’t linkbait. I really did sing Happy Birthday alongside Bob Dylan and  I saved Billy Crystal…sort of.

If you stick around for a few I’ll provide you with some more details but in the interim I have to send you over to Shauna Glenn’s place. She just turned 42, go wish her a happy birthday.

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That picture doesn’t look anything like the Bob Dylan who sang happy birthday with me. I am not nearly old enough for that, but I am definitely a chunk of time older than  I was for our singing debut.

Heck, it must be about seven years or so ago. I have blogged about it a few times, but I don’t feel like finding the link(s) right now. Instead of searching for it I am probably yelling at someone on Facebook to stop posting these stupid “Shit someone says” videos. It is done. Move on. Find something else. There are other things to be funny about.

Which reminds me, I have to email Jimmy Kimmel and tell him to stop stealing my material. I like you Jimmy, but if you don’t stop I am going to have to cut you.

It turns out you are in luck. I found the link to the Bob Dylan story over here. If you are one of the lazy folks who don’t like to click let me sum it up. We are at a birthday party for a 3 year-old. The party is at an indoor playground for kids so everyone is in their socks.

When it comes time to sing Happy Birthday I happen to be standing next to Bob. We have a lot in common. We are both in our socks and we are both famous musicians. Ok, we are both in our socks but only one of us sang off key and off beat. Let me tell you, it wasn’t me.


I am pleased to report that Pinterest has been far more interesting than I had thought it would be. Still don’t have time to really dig into it, but it has pushed me to become more serious about making some changes around here.

This joint is really text heavy and I would like to break up the black lines with more pictures. Got to work on that one. In the interim allow me to share some Johnny Cash songs with you.

It is worth listening to The first time ever I saw your face, In My Life, One and I Am On Fire. They are all covers of songs other artists performed. Man, one of these days I need to find that genie in the bottle and talk to him about becoming a musician.

Jimmy Kimmel

Someone tell Kimmel to stop laughing at me, I just might find that genie. And when I do I have a couple more wishes to talk to him about.  Top of the list is asking him to give me perfect health. As far as I know I am in decent shape, perhaps better than decent but the docs haven’t ruled upon that yet.

That is because I somehow have gone six years without getting a physical. Don’t ask me why that happened because I won’t tell you. Nope, I’ll make a up a story and stick to it. Ok, I won’t. There really isn’t much of a story behind it. Time just moves quickly and I keep forgetting about it.

And if I do think about scheduling an appointment it hits when I am in the shower or about to go to sleep. Got to be honest I don’t want to think about the doc right before I waltz my way into the land of nod. He might show up in my dreams and that is not cool.

I don’t want to dream about a colonoscopy. Nah, I want to dream about flying, becoming a superhero or that bitchin Camaro I used to have in college.

Three Blogs

I am still producing content for three blogs. This one is my main blog followed by two others. They all serve different purposes. I don’t update the other two as frequently as I update this one.

Been thinking a bit about whether I should consolidate all of my efforts, but like I said they all serve different purposes so I am not sure whether consolidating them would really solve the time issue or give me the same sense of fulfillment.

Fulfillment is important. I dedicate a chunk of time to all this because it makes me happy. Writing brings me joy and I am a big proponent of doing what makes your heart sing. Life is too short not to have fun.

What About Billy Crystal?

Short story. We are at the same wedding except I am not keeping a low profile and he is. He is not hiding but he isn’t on the dance floor either. If people approach I see him smile and shake hands, seems friendly enough.

Midway through the reception I see another guest is sitting at the table with Billy and I get the sense that he has decided to plant himself there. Now I know this guy means well but he isn’t going to leave him alone either.

I am certain that this isn’t the first time that this has happened to Billy and am confident that he can deal with it easily without me. But, I feel an obligation to try to remove this other man from the table. In the interest of time let me say that the other guy simply ignored every clue I gave about needing to leave so I finally gave up.

So when I say that I sort of saved him I suppose what I am saying is that for the few moments I was sitting at the table with them I steered the conversation a different direction. I didn’t make any cracks about finding Curly’s Gold or ask him if he and Jack Palance ever had a contest to see who could do more one armed push ups.

Ok kids, time to wrap this up but before I go let me leave you with one more video.Made my daughter laugh hysterically when Elvis and I did the song below together.

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  1. Kaarina Dillabough March 3, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    Dream about flying, becoming a superhero or that bitchin Camaro you used to have in college, then go make a Doctor’s appointment. I will be checking up with you.

    “In my Life”…my most favourite song EVER, especially when sung by the Beatles. I hadn’t heard the Johnny Cash version until now.

    Ciao for now hunka hunka. Cheers! Kaarina

    • Jack March 3, 2012 at 7:11 pm

      “In my Life” is one of my go to songs for writing and thinking. I love The Beatles but occasionally enjoy covers by others, especially Johnny.

      Ozzie has one that I like a lot too.

  2. bridgetstraub.com March 3, 2012 at 9:28 am

    You have to admit sometimes the preschool party circuit in LA is pretty cool.

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