1 Foolproof Way To Become a Better Writer

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I am typing slowly because some of you are going to benefit from reading this post…repeatedly.

And yes I said that with an extra dose of sarcasm and snark.

If you take offense at that you should leave now and never come back, but remember if you do you will miss out on learning the many other secrets that will be revealed in a coming ebook.

So here is 1 Foolproof way to become a better writer. Are you ready for it? Are you sure? It is mind blowing.

Stop Trying To Reinvent The Wheel!

Stop trying to remarkable. Stop trying to be epic. Stop trying to be unique, interesting and amazing. Stop worrying about whether you have anything of value to say or share and just write.

It is not complicated, writing that is. There is a beginning, a middle and an end. You don’t need to construct a post that reads like the Declaration of Independence, War and Peace or Moby Dick.

Just write. Put pen to paper, finger to keyboard and let the words flow out of you. Stop worrying about who is going to read your posts. Stop hoping that you are going to be discovered and just write.

Stop letting that little voice in your head say that maybe your shit does stink and that no one is going to like, listen or read. The beauty of this big, beautiful world is that there will always be someone who likes you and what you share. There will always be someone who can relate to what you write.

Really. It is true. I know because I feel it, felt it, did it and done it.

Yes, I know that “done it” doesn’t sound right but I don’t care. Ma and Pa Steiner told me that when I was a grown up I would be allowed to break the rules. Well, I don’t know if I am a grown up but I am breaking the rules and it feels good.

Paralysis of Analysis

Many of us have a tendency to over think what we are doing.  I guarantee that I am among the most prolific bloggers you will ever meet. When I am given blocks of uninterrupted time I can produce multiple posts a day, write thousands upon thousands of words and do it with little effort.

Not only that but I can do it with relatively few errors.

The primary reason I can do it is because I have spent hours practicing my craft. I have taught myself how to produce under virtually any situation.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t hear voices or little whispers that question my skill and my content. And I am not talking about you cranky motherfuckers who write me nasty letters because you trolls will never be happy with me.

No, I don’t need to swear but yes I did. Sometimes it feels good. Writing should feel good.

That is part of why you need to stop trying to reinvent the wheel because you do nothing but shackle your creativity and apply mental handcuffs. Save the cuffs for the bedroom and or your shrink and just write.

When you do that good things happen.

Just write. Don’t worry. Just write.

But What About The Reader

I am not suggesting that you ignore your readers or say that all writing advice is useless. Jayme has a post about writing that I really like, go read it. Write about things that you love, like, hate or are concerned about.

Those four posts are some of the most popular I have written and have generated a tremendous amount of feedback. Some of that has come via comments or pageviews, but the most has come via email. Emails that people wrote in which they shared their story and or remarked about what they liked about it.

That is because I just wrote from the heart. I didn’t try to be unique. I just wrote. You can do that too. You don’t need to use all of the blog tricks we read and or talk about here and elsewhere.

Just write. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel.

About Me/About You

Writing is about me and it is about you. I’ll let you decide which comes first. But I’ll also mention that there is a page in our blogs that is really important. It is the “About Me” page. It deserves it is own post so I am going to give it one, but not before I mention it here.

When you can identify what needs to be in your “about me” page writing becomes easier.

You can do this. Just write.

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