Dad’s Car Died

And I remember that I promised someone a song. I don’t know if we know the words, but the melody has already been written upon our hearts and we have sung it together. Perhaps one day we shall again and when that day comes to pass you can tell everybody that this is your song. Until then keep looking up at the moon and know that when you are thinking about me I am thinking of you.

The radiator in my car died Monday afternoon but the techs didn’t make the announcement until this afternoon. I looked at the service manager and told him that I was beyond, disturbed, dismayed and disconcerted. I was calm when I said it. I asked him to review my service history and we figured out that I had replaced the radiator three years ago.

And then he told me that because it was an aftermarket part the warranty that came with it was good for 12 months or 12,000 miles. It died after 37 months and almost 20,000 miles. I explained the service manager this was unacceptable and asked him to try to provide compensation for having sold me a part of inferior quality. I am pleased to say they worked with me, but irritated that I had to go through it.

Birthday Parties

The dark haired beauty is going to have her birthday party next month.  She is turning 8 but thinks she is 30. I love her dearly even though she told me that this will be a very girly party and that boys won’t like it. She said not to worry because I am invited because I am her daddy but asked me to uninvite her brother because he was being a pest.

He would be thrilled if I said that he didn’t have to go but that is not an option. In this family brothers and sisters don’t miss birthday parties. Sadly that rule doesn’t apply to some of the girls who were invited. Or should I say that some of their mothers will not send their children because they don’t like me.  I won’t apologize for confronting mean moms or suggesting that they earn their living on their backs.

You see when you act snotty it sometimes bites you in the ass. Unfortunately when you tell people that they cannot mistreat others and then add a little bling to it they sometimes choose to punish your child by not sending theirs to attend a birthday party. Because some of them are dumb and far too vocal I know that this is their way of sending a message.

The only reason I am irritated is because it affects my daughter and because I think it is sad to see them corrupt their children. The good news is that my daughter’s best and closest friends are coming so she is happy.

Dad’s Car Died

When I walked into the house I heard my children talking to each other.

“Was dad playing basketball?”

“No, his car died and he walked home.”

I would have preferred to work up the sweat playing ball but the walk home today was good. I was irritated with the whole situation. Cars always seem to know to break down when your wallet is thinner and or lighter than you would like it to be.

It was about a four mile walk. If I were Jack Reacher it would have led me into a great adventure. Would have had to beat up a few people, kill two or three bad guys and sleep with the really hot sheriff, but I am not Jack Reacher.

Didn’t stop me from talking to myself the whole way home. Used a funny voice and accent and created a character who sounded a bit like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. I looked at the trees and told them if I was half the man I was five years ago I would take a flame thrower to this place.

In case you are wondering the trees didn’t answer, but if they had I would have stopped to speak with them. C’mon now, you always stop to speak with the talking tree. If you ever see me talking to a tree be careful not to interrupt my conversation- they hate when people do that.

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