Write Better Posts & Have More Sex In September

I have bad news for some of you who want to take my headline literally, September is about to end. Yep, pretty soon it won’t matter how well you write or not so you are going to have to come up with a new plan.

During the last few days I have added a number of songs to my collection. Some of them were added because I see them as being part of the The Story of My Life as Told through Music and some just because they resonate with me and help me write.

Today I listened again to The Wedding Song by Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash’s cover of If You Could Read My Mind. Simply awesome. They are spectacular and I love them for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is they tell a million different stories.

That is the goal of this blog- to tell stories and to help me become a better storyteller. I have said it multiple times because it is important to me and I want to hold myself accountable.

Out Of Control

At the moment it feels like a few things are out of control and it aggravates me. It makes me feel unsettled and I am working on fixing that. It is kind of similar to driving like Fred Flintstone. Remember how he uses his feet to stop the car? Well I feel a bit like I am doing 75 and trying to use my feet to stop a big honking SUV.

Don’t like these friction burns.

That is not to say I am not in control because I am, but not with the sort of fighter pilot precision that I want.

Contradictions right? Yep, I agree but that is me and I am good with that because I am used to it. Doesn’t mean I won’t carp about it upon occasion or try to make adjustments because I will.

Adjustments are a part of life or maybe it is just a way of saying change is a part and sometimes I am better at dealing with it than others.

The good news is I really do feel like I am on my way and these moments are a part of the experience. Just get impatient sometimes and wish I could work through them faster.

This was part of Stream of Consciousness Sunday. You ought to try it.

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