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Late Sunday night blurs with early Monday morning and I am back at the computer. I am wrestling with the boundaries of blogging and am frustrated by semi anonymity.

It happens to me…sometimes.

A feeling of restlessness and frustration.  A sense of not having accomplished enough and having fallen short of the mark. I look around at others and see what could be, but remind myself that sometimes looks are deceiving.

And I remember that my list of accomplishments is long. My ledger isn’t all red because there is plenty of black, but sometimes it doesn’t matter.

We are who we are. This is me. There is good, there is bad and there is ugly. Most of the time I am perfectly fine with it.

The Village

Our blogs really do remind me of villages or at least how I imagine them to be. I am a city guy and though I have spent time in villages I don’t know a ton about them. Or maybe I do. Maybe life at private schools and small businesses have taught me something about them.

Maybe it is part of why I am sometimes quite guarded and slow to trust others. I have seen the gossip mills at work and have never been impressed by them.

Won’t lie and say I never engage in that sort of chatter because I have. I don’t think I do it often, but maybe I do.

Still I like to think the tone we set helps to build the kind of village we want to create. I know I like the one that is forming here.

A year ago I wrote a post called I Hope You Will Be A Part of My Community and was very pleased to see how many people signed up for my Facebook page, not because I look at you as being numbers but because it is a different place to hang out with a different vibe. I have had fun getting to know people there.

But I have also had a lot of fun getting to know people here in the comments, by email and by newsletter.

If you didn’t comment or email I would still write. That is not going to change. Writing is a part of me and if I stopped I would be crippled but that doesn’t diminish the importance or value of those who spend time here.

The Seeker

I am still wrestling with that letter to the universe and still asking if things happen for a reason. I have my thoughts and ideas about this.

I suspect part of my frustration lies in feeling like I almost have the answers and the idea that I am not going to get the sort of answer I want.

It is kind of a funny thing to me.

I remember standing in the middle of Jerusalem talking to girls from Scotland, Australia and South Africa about my funny American accent and why I wore my baseball cap backwards.

It is a moment in time where I felt a thousand possibilities. I was single and I remember thinking if I left the pub with any one of these women life would be forever changed. I wasn’t concerned with whether it would be better or worse, I just knew it felt like Let’s Make a Deal.”

Monty Hall was just waiting for me to pick what lay behind door number 1, 2 or 3.

The Choices We Make

Flip through the pages of this blog and you will see I carry very few regrets, but those I do are major. I do my best not to focus upon them because the past is behind us, the present now and the future unwritten.

It is not always possible to say which was good or bad. As my grandfather used to tell me sometimes you don’t know until you play out the hand and that is what I am doing.

I am playing out the hand.

That is part of my strategy for building the blog. Sustain your effort is a big part of my motto because I have seen growth come over time.

People stop blogging and you fill the gaps where they were. It is not because you try to it is because you are there and good things come to those who work for them.

I am working.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

“Where everybody knows your name,
And they’re always glad you came;
Where everybody knows your name,
And they’re always glad you came..”


One of the big goals here is to build a community that is worth being a part of. It is the idea that being part of a village is a good thing because it is big enough to offer quite a bit but small enough to offer a cozy and warm feeling.

I hope those of you who are new will choose to stay and those that were already here will continue. I appreciate you.

And just for the heck of it here are some old posts that I decided to show a little love to again:

See you later.

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