Do You Play By The Rules?

There are moments when I want to know who thought it was ok to stick a bit in my mouth and smack me on the back like I am some sort of plow horse.

You could say I have been graced with broad shoulders, significant amounts of tenacity and determination and a will to win. You could say I will walk through hell covered in gasoline and it would be true.

That is part of what comes with the territory of being me and part of why there have been moments where I have said I live alone and apart. It is not always like that, not by a long shot.

Most of the time, the overwhelming majority of time there is no significant substance to alone and apart but it doesn’t mean that frustration doesn’t come out and bubble over.

Life is interesting and it is part of why I think of whether people play by the rules and if they should.

Thus far I have found that my way of doing things has gotten me to where I am going but it hasn’t been working as well for a while now so I have been doing my best to mix it up. Change is easy and change is hard.

But it is necessary, so I am doing it.

I don’t want to destroy all the structure in life nor am I trying to change things so that it would be fair for all because I don’t believe that can happen.

But I see possibilities and want to turn them into opportunities- that is the goal. So when you ask if I play by the rules I suppose I have to answer…sometimes.

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