I Hate Your Cat

«Living in such a hot country isn't something nice for snow leopards!»

This post was going to be called “The Time I Got Caught With My Hand In My Pants” but then I stumbled onto three blogs filled with cat pictures and decided to go a different direction.

That is because I hate your cat and your pictures. Maybe it is because I am allergic and that furball makes my eyes water, my nose run and sneeze so hard I can feel it in my groin.

That is a hard sneeze. You do know you aren’t supposed to feel that sort of pull down there. Every time it happens it reminds me of the nurse in high school that used to give us our sports check up.

You really didn’t want her hands down there and that raspy voice that said “now cough.” Oy, just thinking about it brings back the sense of sandpaper hands and hair that smelled like cigarettes.

This Post is Part of NaBloPoMo

Try telling your doctor you have a bad case of NaBloPoMo  and see what happens. Just wait until they find out you are a mighty blogger who is well adjusted and practices good hygiene.

I took my son to see Skyfall today. We loved it. It was a lot of fun and well worth the grand old price of…free.

Yeah, someone gave me free tix a while back but I never managed to use them until now. It was a good movie and had I paid the price of admission I still would have been perfectly satisfied. Daniel Craig does a very fine job of portraying Bond.

If I had to rate my favorites I would say it is him, Connery and Brosnan.

Kind of funny because as a kid I loved Roger Moore but as a “grown up” I have reached a point where I can’t take that sort of cheesy approach to my favorite British spy.

I Am Not James Bond

Yeah, I know I wrote about how I told the teacher my name was James Bond but that is not me. It is not because I am not British or a commander in the Royal Navy.

Nor is it because I am afraid of a mixing it up. I like a good adventure and have always been good at living life like that.

No, the issue is that I am not suave, sophisticated and crystal cool.

I have a body built for demolition, a fire that burns in my belly and an intensity that never wavers. Bond has some of that, but he also brings about a certain style that just isn’t me.

Bond is suited for wearing a tux or suit and making look like the most comfortable thing in the world.

Me? Well I own multiple suits and tuxedos but I manage to make them look wrinkled and worn before I put them on. It is a talent that doesn’t pay all that well.

As an FYI, I understand that he is not real. I shouldn’t have to write that but if I don’t I guarantee someone will send me an email in which they try to make sure I understand I am talking about a fictional character and not a real person.

Go blog at cats and stop bothering me with that.

Real post coming soon. In the interim have fun in the comments.

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