The 23rd Worst Headline I have Ever Written

This post is different from This Is Not The Worst Headline You’ll Read Today which is precisely why you must read it.

Yoda is My Partner

The sixth grader who lives in my house and tells me he is smarter than I am because he is still in school and I am not received more of my Jedi training today.

When I told him I needed him to do a better job of finishing his homework in a timely basis he said he would try and that is when I called upon my inner Yoda.

“Do or do not… there is no try.”

I love that quote and I do my damnedest to live it.

Angry Plugins and Technical Difficulties

I spent several hours last night and a few this morning wrestling with angry plugins that declared war upon the blog. In the midst of ongoing technical difficulties I pointed a finger at the computer and told it that I was going to walk away because I needed air and not because I was giving up.

Those few who know me well are aware it is hard to pin me down. I don’t make promises that I don’t intend to keep. If I say I am going to do something I get it done.

Don’t care about walls, obstacles and hurdles because I go through, over, under and around them. But I concede that one of the best parts of being in my forties is having become more selective about what deserves my time and energy.

The blogs are definitely on that list. Heck, I’d argue that being a good blogger requires a certain amount of technical expertise, might blog about that one late.

Anyhoo, the war to fix the technical issues is ongoing and though I won a couple of the battles there are still lingering fires that need to be put out.

Linear Storytelling

A recent letter from a reader included a request to engage in more linear storytelling than I do now. They think I am turning off readers by hopping around from topic to topic in these posts. I thanked them for their input and encouraged them to continue to provide it but also let them know I write as I write.

There is a fine line between trying to accommodate your readers and destroying your style, but you still need to figure out if there is validity to the feedback. If I determined that the majority felt the same way I would have to take a harder look at things.

Given what I see via email, stats and the advice of the Magic 8-Ball I am going to continue to write as I write. Those who don’t like it are welcome to find other places to visit, but are also welcome to stay because sometimes it grows on you.

Topics for Other Posts

There are a bunch of ‘graphs here that would make good topics for other posts and I may yet do that. I might include a post about what happens when you don’t have time to visit other blogs and how that can impact your traffic and comments.

But work calls and so I have to set this aside for a bit. Have to find another source of photos too as the one I was using isn’t working for me anymore.

Sort of sad about that one, been enjoying the imagery. Got to run now, will leave you with a thought and an image.

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    • Jack November 17, 2012 at 11:57 pm

      You got it:

      Alice’s aunt ate apples and acorns around August.
      Becky’s beagle barked and bayed, becoming bothersome for Billy.
      Carries cat clawed her couch, creating chaos.
      Dan’s dog dove deep in the dam, drinking dirty water as he dove.
      Eric’s eagle eats eggs, enjoying each episode of eating.
      Fred’s friends fried Fritos for Friday’s food.
      Garry’s giraffe gobbled gooseberry’s greedily, getting good at grabbing goodies.
      Hannah’s home has heat hopefully.
      Isaacs ice cream is interesting and Isaac is imbibing it.
      Jesse’s jaguar is jumping and jiggling jauntily.

  1. Sue Neal November 16, 2012 at 2:21 pm

    Your account of battles with technical gremlins made me feel less alone in the world – thank you!

    When it comes to the really complicated stuff, I often find ‘do not’ is the safest option…..


    • Jack November 16, 2012 at 11:04 pm

      That is a good model and one I should follow more closely, but since I come from the “do as I say and not as I do” school…

      Although I do enjoy learning more about how to do these things so I tend to get involved in stuff just because.

  2. Stacie November 16, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    One of the best Yoda quotes ever. I might be caught saying that on occasion! Also, I love it that you consult the magic 8 ball about your blog 😉

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