How To Give The Gift of Gratitude- Thank You

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal (Photo credit: limevelyn)

I want to give my children the gift of gratitude.

I want them to wake up and be thankful for all of the good things we have in our lives. I want them to be thankful to live in a place where they know that how far they go in life is in large part under their own control.

Because our attitude influences everything we do, touch and who we are.

Evidence of a Life Well Lived

My son told me he is sorry that things are hard now and asked if there was anything he could do. I smiled and said no, because things aren’t hard, they are challenging.

That is not spin, it is truth. Transitions can be awkward and this is no exception.

I showed him the picture above of the things we sold at the garage sale and pointed out that is evidence of a life well lived. We didn’t sell those items because we needed cash to survive, we sold them because it was time for them to be used by other people who needed them.

I reminded him about why I sold a pair of shoes to the homeless guy who showed up. It was a question of dignity and that meant it was better to charge him a couple of bucks than to just give him the shoes.

The best part of the conversation was seeing the understanding in my son’s eyes- he got it.

It Is Not Always Easy

It is not always easy to be grateful, even when you have ample examples of how much worse it could be.

Family and friends have been fending off rockets and wondering if the bus they are boarding is going to be visited by terrorists. It is not something I worry much about here.

I see the homeless guys on the side of the freeways and hanging out in all sorts of other places. I don’t worry about being homeless. Sometimes I get irritated because I don’t have many of things I want, but I have most of what I need.

So I try to remind myself about the reasons why I should be grateful and to think about ways to give that gift of gratitude to my children.

Thank You

I don’t know if I will get back on here tonight or not so this might be my one opportunity to say thank you to you and to wish those who celebrate Thanksgiving a very happy and healthy holiday.

Life has been busy lately so I haven’t been around to comment and visit as much as I would like to but I hope to adjust that soon.  Got a lot more to share and say but I am off to play Chess with my son. Someone has to show him that his old man may be a step slower on the court but hasn’t lost a thing on the board. 😉

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