Can We Heal Twitter & Is Samsung In My Future?

What you have in the audio post above are a couple of thoughts that are tied into Two Things That Are Killing Twitter. If Twitter is ill the question I pose is will we allow it to die or are we going to try to take steps to save the patient.

That is followed up by a few thoughts about whether the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the phone I should purchase with my upgrade or if there is a better phone for me.

Upgrades like this make me a bit crazy. The phone is a critical part of my work life as well as a big part of the personal so it is important to me to pick one that will be better than just “ok.”

The cost of the phone makes changing them prohibitive so if this one doesn’t work I have to live with it for a while which is why I try to be cautious and careful in my decision making.

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  1. If Twitter is dying as you suggest, then there will be something that takes its place. It may be better or worse. I say go with the devil you know. Twitter is different things for different people, and depending on how you interact with it determines what it is for you.

    I’ve always believed that Twitter is a global chatroom. Others have differing opinions. They may or may not be valid.

    • I think you are right. If Twitter does disappear it will be replaced. I can’t say for certain it is going to die, but if we don’t make some changes it is going to continue to change from a place of conversation to somewhere that doesn’t resemble that chatroom much any more.

      Or so it appears to me.

  2. Phone decisions are annoying. After a lot of debate I recently got the iPad and I totally love it. As for phones, my aunt has the Samsung and it looks awesome, it I prefer the htc one x. The screen is awesome and in others it is almost comparable.

    I might buy a phone next year when I save enough and manage to make up my mind!

  3. I still like Twitter. I’m not in love, but in like 😉 Not sure it’s going to die though.

    One of my friends showed me his brand, spankin’ new Samsung Galaxy last night at a soccer game. From the iPhone 4 to this. Said he wasn’t crazy about the wonky interface (can’t match Apple there), but that screen!! Seemed twice as big as mine (get your mind out of the gutter)

    • Hi Craig,

      Sometimes being “in like” is a much better way to go than being “in love.” It costs less and helps prevent making silly decisions. 😉

      All of the iPhones have small screens compared to that Galaxy- that sucker is big.

  4. Ugh, phone decisions are annoying. Usually mine are made for me when I drop my phone in the dogs’ kiddie pool or in the driveway and then promptly run over it. Don’t be like me!

    • Hi Louise,

      I don’t want to jinx anything, but I haven’t managed to break any phones by dropping or losing them. That hasn’t stopped them from breaking on their own, so…

  5. How to Be a Man – a wonderful example of the powerful and passionate writer you are

    • Thank you Stan. Will be heading out towards ‘SC this weekend. Should I say hello to anyone for you. 😉

      • I don’t know if any of my old profs are still standing. Perhaps, a few. If you happen by the bookstore, I’ll be happy to reimburse you for three kid-size USC logo sweatshirts and shipping. Think age 8-10 range should fit. Otherwise, enjoy the campus. I had some good years there – even as a GDI.

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