The Sex Was Better The 987th Time

English: High Garleffan? I think its safe to a...

English: High Garleffan? I think its safe to assume that High Garleffan has well and truly disappeared. Yet more opencast workings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That headline virtually ensures that some of the people in my tribes won’t tweet out this post because they’re concerned what people will think about their tweet.

They’ll wonder if people will read it and assume that it is something that isn’t safe for work or will damage the brand they are trying to build and that will that.

Others who know me and have read my posts might wander by to see if this is Jack the insouciant dad blogger just having fun or if there is something deeper and more meaningful to it.

My bet is that loads of people won’t bother to read it and that a bunch will just approve it because they hope that I’ll reciprocate and that it will make their blog dreams come true.

You can call it Jack’s not very insightful musing about Triberr.

This Post Is For Writing and Not Insight

You should know in advance this post isn’t a rant about social media, mean moms, the state of Twitter or the bad holiday music that comes blaring from the television set.

It is not me trying to sell you a product or convince you to think a certain way. It is just me talking out loud about this and that with some friends.

Know why I opened up a G+ community page for TheJackB?

Curiosity. I wanted to see what it was about and the best way was to start my own. Wanted to see if it might provide another place to get to know people better.

Feels a bit crazy. My time has been limited. It has been challenging getting around the blogosphere so part of me says I am silly to create something new, but sometimes silly is fun.

Fun Is What I Seek

I like fun. I am a playful guy. Kids almost bust a gut when someone said that I am always serious and rarely smile. It is not true and I am glad about that.

Wasn’t ever true and I have been through some rough moments. Gotten humbled by life and kicked in the junk, throat punched and poked in the eye, but I still laugh.

Laughter is my secret weapon. It is what keeps me afloat. Life is filled with lots of silly moments but we spend far too many being way too serious.

Fun is what I seek and joy is in my heart just begging to come out.

Sometimes I Forget About That

Sometimes I forget about that and get caught up in the narishkeit of life. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to make things happen I forget to laugh.

It is a sad confession, but honest. That is ‘cuz sometimes I think if I got more recognition I could leverage that and build something better, faster and bigger than what I have now.

You see the goal here is to become the writer I know I can be but haven’t yet become. And to do that I need more cash so that I don’t spend my days wondering and worrying about how to pay the bills.

Money Comes and Money Goes

It is funny to me to think about what life was like when I didn’t think about money. Made more than I needed and didn’t have time to spend it. Looked at cars, trips and toys but didn’t use it on most of them because I was saving for a house and for other stuff.

Got the house. Wasn’t exactly the one I wanted, but it was still amazing. It was just one step and in a few years I figured it would be easy to sell it and move into something closer to what I really wanted.

Well if you are a long time reader you know that I sold that house last year. Lived there for ten years and had equity but it wasn’t enough to buy the house I really wanted because the housing market went crazy here.


I am not worried about getting the house I want because I will make that happen. Not worried about getting what I will need because I’ll make that happen too.

Will take a bit of time and some doing, but we are on our way. Thing is that sometimes I forget because I get caught up in the nonsense. So it is time to laugh again, never did stop but I could do it more frequently.

You might see some more silly stories here that are tied into it. Might hear more tales about the goofier side because everyone can use a bit more goofy.

Which brings me to the headline and the conclusion of this post. Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have had sex with 20,000 women. Set aside the concerns about health and or any moral issue and I wonder what the hell he was thinking.

Could be fun to have lots of different experiences with different people but you never really get the really good stuff going until you have been with the same person long enough to really know each other.

It is sort of like finding your voice in blogging, except you don’t receive comments about your performance from anyone other than your partner.

And that my friends is all I have to share right now.

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