The Best Part Of Making Resolutions Is Breaking Them

I wasn't hiding out here.

I wasn’t hiding out here.

The best part of making resolutions is breaking them and I blame the blog for helping me remember which ones I fell short on.

It burns me up a bit to admit that I haven’t hit the mark and that I am not pumping out 500 push-ups each day or that book I told Stephen King about hasn’t materialized yet.

Let’s be honest A Fool Frolics Freely but the wise man does more than just dance in the fire, he makes a plan and sticks to it or so I once believed.

When I look back at the past couple of years the blog shows me that 2010 wasn’t great and  that I was hopeful 2011 would be better. Well, if you look at Words You Won’t Read you’ll see I wanted to call that post 2011- You Were a Real Motherfucker.

What About 2012

2012 was a damn sight better than 2010 and 2011 but still not what I wanted it to be. 2012 fell short in multiple areas but not all of that happened because I broke the resolutions I made.

But let’s not waste time listing all the resolutions that didn’t happen or going over all of the reasons why it wasn’t or was not my fault because some of that just doesn’t matter.

Resolutions are promises we make to ourselves or at least that is how I view New Years resolutions so when we break them we are hurting the most important person in our life.

Yeah, I know that sounds backwards to some people and that some of you are scratching your heads. Some of you are thinking about how your children, spouse/partner or other family member are the most important person in your life and wondering how I could be so selfish.

Well the answer is simple.

You can’t take care of anyone else if you can’t take care of yourself.

Moms Are Awful About This

Read through a dozen mommy blogs and you’ll find multiple posts from moms who complain about doing everything for everyone else and nothing for themselves. It drives me nuts to see these posts because I don’t understand why you don’t find ways to give yourself a moment here and there.

I am not talking about spa days, massages, or shopping trips. What I am referring to is the no cost moment to yourself.

Since I have multiple weeks where the kids attend Camp Dad and I have been responsible for taking care of the kids and working I am confident that I know something about this.

Still I am also confident that some of the mothers are busy cursing my name but hopefully they aren’t wasting good wine by tossing it at the screen.

A Question That Remains Unanswered and Probably Shall Remain As Such

I really want to know Why Must Stupidity Be Contagious. If I had the answer one of my resolutions would be to work on ridding the world of the stupid gene/bug which would be really good for everyone.

If I accomplished that I feel secure in saying I would make enough cash from doing so to spend real time writing the books that I resolved to write and maybe even buy the castle that I haven’t managed to acquire yet.

That raises the question of what happens to broken resolutions that are fulfilled later on. Is there a statute of limitations upon them? Do we still get full credit or just partial?

Someone please tell me because it is after midnight which means January 2nd has rolled around and I am beginning to feel like I am behind the eight ball again.

Magic 8 Ball

Magic 8 Ball (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did I mention that the only 8 ball I really like is the Magic 8 Ball?

That Magic 8 Ball is wonderful. It has been a trusted advisor for years. Back in high school I asked it two questions about Anne Stacey:

  1. Did she love me?
  2. Would she sleep with me?

I’ll let you guess what was most important to me at 18. Anyhoo, the wonderful ball responded with ‘Ask again later’ and ‘reply hazy, try again’ which was exceptionally helpful because everyone knows how decisive some 18 year-old women can be.

Did You Make Any Resolutions?

All that narishkeit above leads us right back to the topic of resolutions. Did you make any for 2013 and are they the sort of thing that you really believe you will fulfill?

I made three but I am not going to write about them and not because I am afraid to share them either. I think they are more likely to be filled by keeping them to myself. What I will say is they are health and work related and that I expect good things to come from them.

What about you?

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